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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

CGI VXF Breakdowns HD: "Mariam Making of" - by Artwarecorp

Mariam, a long feature drama telling the story of three women living in Syria at completely different times, 1918, 1967 and 2012, and still share a very similar fate as well as sharing their name, a dark fate of war and despair in the mist of which they still shine with love and sacrifice.
ArtWare Corp team was responsible for every technical and artistic aspect of post production, from choosing the camera, handling the digital intermediate, not to mention editorial, visual effects, music, color grading and finishing, the film was a true joy to make and an exciting exploration of both the creative and technical process.

Client: Jawa Film
Director: Basel Alkhatib
DOP: Farhad Mahmodi
Production Manager: Fayez Said Ahmad
VFX Supervisor: Ammar Alani
Hashem Alshaer
Music: Hazem Alani

Duration: 2:00
Production Year: 2013

About ArtWare Corp
ArtWare Corp is a creative digital arts production house, with over 15 years of experience and 3 distinct departments; Architecture, Media and Audio, our diverse and capable team has been providing businesses of all sizes with memorable TV commercials, documentaries, architectural projects, music and much more.

Copyright ArtWareCorp 2013Music Track - "Infected Mushroom-Never Mind (Original)"

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