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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

CGI VFX Breakdowns HD: "Now You See Me" - by Rodeo FX

Check out this revealing VFX breakdown for the entertaining 2013 film "Now You See Me", by the talented team at Rodeo FX!! Rodeo FX has delivered 350 complex VFX shots serving as the film's main VFX vendor. The film was released by Summit Entertainment on May 31st.

The Rodeo FX team created and produced a huge and diverse array of shots for the new film, comprising 23 total minutes of visual effects-driven screen time.

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• About Rodeo FX •

We are a Montreal based Visual Effects Production Studio for high-end Film and Advertising. We service all aspects of Visual Effects. Our crew is a dedicated and passionate team of people who bring their best to every shot on every project we are privileged to be a part of. We have Global Experience at creating shots for Award winning, International Advertising Campaigns. Rodeo FX is proud of its reputation for consistently delivering unparalleled quality work, always creative and always with integrity.

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