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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Imaginary Forces - Black Sails

It's 1715 and the golden age of piracy… a world where rebel pirates, collapsing shanty towns, whore houses, illegal treasure and the promise of the New World clash with the imperial forces of European civilization. Nothing less than a full-on art history mash-up of Baroque motifs, Gothic architecture and Rococo style could express this strange society, where outcasts and aristocrats alike vie for power. Using a sculptural language traditionally reserved for saints and kings, we depict a maverick society that is ultimately doomed. Beauty and death abound… as well as a skeleton or two…

Tune in to Starz on January 25th for the premiere of Black Sails.

Designed & Produced by: Imaginary Forces (IF)
Directors: Karin Fong & Michelle Dougherty
Art Director: Alan Williams
Executive Producer: Ben Apley
Lead Producer: Brian Butcher
Producers: Keith Bryant, Jon Hassell
Concept Illustration: Alejandro Lee, Vincent Lucido, Bernard Custodio
Lead Modeler: Meats Meier
Modelers: Jamin Joseph-Lackie, Margaret Dost, Odel Palmer, Aamir Karim, Justin Fields Lead Lighting & Texturing: Joseph Langmuir
Camera & Previz: Kevin Ferrara
CG Lighting & Texturing: Kevin Ferrara, Steven Hensley, Greg Ruane, Michael Colarik Editors: Caleb Woods, Gladys Bernadac
Assistant Editor: Michael Radtke
Lead Flame: Rod Basham
Flame: Eric Mason
Assistant Flame: Michael Radtke
Coordinator: Joseph AbouSakher
Production Assistants: Dominick Guglielmo, Alex Frankel, Nicole Zschiesche
Design Interns: Hunter Thompson, Lisa Chen, Zach Eastburg

Client: STARZ
Executive Producer: Jonathan Steinberg Producer: Jonathan Brytus
Post-Production Supervisor: Brennan Parks

Music Composer:
Bear McCreary

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