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Monday, April 2, 2012

TheChapel. A short film by Patryk Kizny. (HDR timelapse)

  TheChapel is a short film paying tribute to an exceptional protestant temple in Zeliszów, Poland, designed by Karl Langhans and built in 1796-1797.

Please enjoy also the "Making of The Chapel":

Production company:

Direction, direction of photography and editing:
Patryk Kizny

Agnieszka Gonczarek (VID)
Robert Paluch (TL)
Patryk Kizny (VID & TL)

Music composed by Tomas Leonhardt

Motion-controlled shots achieved using DitoGear Sliders.

Video copyright © LookyCreative
Music copyright © Tomas Leonhardt

Filmed in September and October 2010.

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P.S. My timelapse post production workflow if you missed that in past:


Now you may check also

Making Of The Chapel


If you are not in the business, or even if you are, you might not be aware of the amount of work behind TheChapel.

Although we did not shoot the real "making of" shots almost at all, we decided to tell a bit more about making of this film. Illustrated with some photos, shots and post-production screenflows we hope to put some more light on the process of making of The Chapel and give you an overview of what and how we did.

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Please share it - we would love that the film be watched widely. Although it was posted a few months ago it passed a bit unnoticed. Well, a film needs a bit of luck to be watched.

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