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Saturday, March 8, 2014

FITC Amsterdam 2014 Titles

One of the world's most prestigious conferences focused on design & technology, FITC seeks to inspire those who attend to marry the two disciplines like never before.

We at Leviathan were honored to create the opening titles for the festival's Amsterdam event, and took the creative challenge to heart. Set in a painter's studio, our story of every artist's quandary moves from macro to micro, showing the fantastic world that exists within a drop of paint or the bristles within a brush; all made possible with custom-built microscopic motion control camera, and a love for the art of title sequences.


Concept, Design + Production: Leviathan
Creative Director - Bradon Webb
2D Design/Composite + Micro/Macro photographer - Gareth Fewel
2D Design/Composite/Titles - David Brodeur
2D Design/Composite - Ely Beyer
2D Design, Props and camera assist - Anzie Lee
3D Design/Animation/Composite, Props and Micro/Macro photographer - Anthony Malagutti
3D Model/Animation/Composite - Katrina Nelken
Editor - Mike LaHood
Senior Producer - Lauren Shawe
Creative Technologist, Microscopic research and camera rig build - Harvey Moon
Software Engineer, Microscopic research and software programming - Adam Berg
Software Engineer, Microscopic research and software programming - Dennis Chau
Executive Producer - Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director - Jason White
Chief Scientist - Matt Daly

Art Studio Shoot:
Directors: Bradon Webb + Daniel Ryan
D.P: Aaron Edwards
Lighting: O’Connor Hartnett
Lighting assist: T. Callahan
Artist + Studio: Wesley Kimler - Fine Artist -

FITC Artwork/Font - Sara Blake / ZSO -
Music, Sound Design and mix - Joel Corelitz / Waveplant -
Voice Talent - John Flack, Lauren Shawe
Color - NOLO Digital Film (Colorist - Elliot Rudmann, Executive Producer - Joe Flanagan) -
Zerene Stacker Software - Created by Rik Littlefield, Zerene Systems -

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