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Friday, February 7, 2014

The Epic Land Part 1 - New Zealand Landscapes Timelapse

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Once again the lure of capturing the beauty of the wilderness landscapes around here has got a hold of me and taken up all the spare moments between my day job and kids. Preserved here are some brief moments of light and time that I have experienced over the last 6 months or so.
Every time I go into the wilderness I wonder how much longer will we be able to gaze into truly dark night skies. I wonder too if the way in which the climate seems to be rapidly changing will have an impact on the way that my kids and their future generations experience these wilderness places and the impact that it might have on this 'epic land'. It's all too easy to forget about those things in our busy lives.

I hope this time lapse show reel helps you experience a little piece of this epic landscape. What I am not able to show is the effort behind every scene and the great challenges that mother nature throws at you when you are trying to do this stuff. Even though every scene was planned in my head I don't think any of them turned out the way I envisaged and often the conditions would get the better of me and my gear. On the flip side sometimes you've just got to be out there because you can't plan when the conditions will present 'a little piece of magic'.

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All scenes shot in the North Island of New Zealand.
Main equipment used:
Canon 5D Mark II & various Canon Lenses
Dynamic Perception Stage Zero 6ft Dolly
"I Am You" by HECQ, licensed for use through Erased Tapes Music Publishing Ltd.
Thanks to my family for once again putting up with my habit ;)

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