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Monday, August 5, 2013

*Flying leaf - 99 frames entry + Breakdown

Done for 99 frames - the social animation project. Group here
Final v3 - Done! Couldn't fix the texture flickering at the start - seems to be a known bug with physical renderer.
Breakdown here -
Inspired by MTV bumpers, onedotzero and wipeout 2097.
Done with Physical Renderer, bodypaint and mograph. Also trying out the new normaliser shader of r14, works great!
Awesome Sound Design by
Wesley Slover at sono sanctus
Final version coming soon!

Breakdown for 99Frames - *Flying Leaf

Maybe not so much of a breakdown but more of a collection of playblasts/renders and screen captures while i was making this. All made with cinema4D with physical renderer, after effects and a bit of nuke.
You can grab the scene file here
Created for the 99frame project
The final movie can be found here
Music - college - the energy story

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