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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wig from my own hair prank - ORIGINAL

  July 13th 2012 RE-UPLOAD UPDATE: I had to re-upload this video because of copyright music. I emailed both Floex and Gaijin Games for music permissions, and they both responded with a YES, you guys are fantastic! THANK YOU! This new upload contains only floex and Gaijin Games music. Jozaeh

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July 12th 2012 UPDATE:

One point five million.

You youtubers are so rad that you're enjoying it, I am STILL shaking my head. For real. Applause for you all totally 'getting' why I did this video in the first place. You make me smile.


July 9th 2012 UPDATE: ok, now this is just silly, 700,000 views?! Are you serious?! That's not even a real number!! Ha ha! I'm literally shaking my head in disbelief as I look at my laptop, wah. Well everyone, all I can say is this will probably blow over in a week or so, and I don't care, cause i'm STILL so chuffed that so many of you are enjoying it. That's the best part of it all and makes it so worth the effort.


July 7th 2012 UPDATE: Wow, I CANNOT believe how much exposure my little video is getting, I'm speechless! I'm smiling so big knowing that so many people around the world are getting laughs and smiles from it, yessss!! (and big up thanks to reddit user 'pizzin' for posting it on reddit. You sir started the whole ball rolling). Jozaeh

edit: and a big thanks to 9gag too! I had no idea so many views were kickstarted from there!


The idea:

Step 1: Cut off my long hair of three years
Step 2: hot glue it into a wig (yes, slightly serial killerish, but wait..)
Step 3: Wear that wig, my friends thinking it's my hair
Step 4: Pull it off suddenly and presto, friend freakouts

(Disclaimer: I have no idea where this idea came from, the idea even freaked myself out, which is kinda why I had to do it. but DAMN it was fun!).


Machinarium soundtrack
by Floex

Bit Trip Runner soundtrack
By Gaijin Games

Filmed on canon 600D
Using 18-55mm IS canon lens

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