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Monday, April 2, 2012

Lights Out - Stereoscopic

  Don your 1950's 3D specs (the red and blue ones) cos this version of "Lights Out" comes to you in Stereo vision!

This is a little animation I've been tinkering around with for a while. The original incarnation was designed for the Piranhabar reception desk which spanned 3 HDTV's so it was wiiiiiiiide. This version is a little easier to swallow on a single screen. The Sterescopic version is just a little experiment by myself to see how to go about doing something in Stereoscopics if ever called to the front line. It's not perfect by any means buts it was fun to try and a great learning experience for what does and doesn't work.

The animation follows a little robotic character who's just trying to grab some shut-eye but the factory around him springs to life unexpectedly. A serious design flaw in the factories ergonomics prevents the poor guy from reaching the off switch and the rest is history!

I pretty much did everything you see and hear here. Visuals were done in XSI, comping and grading in After Effects and sound was done in Premiere. Sound design purely based on sound effects was a new venture for me so I hope the result sounds ok!

check out my site for a few more bits :)

Check out a behind the scenes at:

work completed at Piranhabar:

 Lights Out - Breakdown

A few people have requested this so I just put together a very simple walkthrough/shot breakdown of my little animation "Lights Out". The intial wide screen version was put together in under 10 days so my sketches are very basic but it should give you an idea of the process from sketch to compositing the process I went through to complete "Lights Out".

Check out my website for more bits:

work completed at Piranhabar:

The music is a track by Deework called "Lose My Fire" which is being used under the creative commons license. Check out his stuff at:

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