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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Columbia Water Center | "Deeper than Water"

  Director: Gabe Askew

Hornet Inc.
Executive Producer: Michael Feder
Head of Production: Greg Bedard
Producer: Jan Stebbins
Storyboard Artist: Bill Moore
Editor: RJ Glass
Concept Artist: Carlos Ancalmo
CG Artist: Erwin Riau
Modeler: Dave Soto
Rigging: Phil McNagny
Animation: Peter Karnik
Compositing: Arthur Hur
Illustration: Paul Daniel

Agency: GOOD/Corps
ECD: Kirk Souder
Creative Directors: Driscoll Reid, Jason Nichols
Partnership Manager: Carolyn Sams
Executive Producer: Jimmy Greenway

Music: Robert Schwartzman (of Score A Score)
Mix: Luke Bechthold (Subtractive)

Client: Columbia Water Center
Director, CWC: Upmanu Lall
Assistant Director, CWC: Samantha Tress
Communications Coordinator, CWC: Lakis Polycarpou
Assistant Director, Communications, Earth Institute: Kyu-Young Lee

Production Partner: PepsiCo Foundation

Link to Columbia Water Center:


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