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Monday, March 12, 2012

"Bird" - A Decent Animal, Directed by Jon Balcome

  This short film/music video was inspired by the San Fransisco based band, A Decent Animal. The film crew and visual effects crew was comprised of 39 SCAD students along with the aid of Option D Films for the use of their RED Camera. Breakdowns and documentary can be seen at and

"Bird" - Visual Effects Breakdown

This video includes breakdowns of some of the visual effects shots for "Bird". I would do them all, but there are 29 of them so I just stuck with a few key ones. Hope you enjoy.

Bird VFX Comparison

This version of the film "Bird" shows a comparison of the final product with what came directly out of the camera.

"Bird" - Behind the Scenes

This is a compilation of footage that was shot by Patrick Longstreth while on set of the film "Bird".

Female Head From Thesis Film "Bird"

Female Head From Thesis Film "Bird"

Bird - Animatic

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